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Hi I'm Milan Dhar, a Full Stack Web Developer with extensive experience in program / brand management and operations. Highly focused on the end-customer, I prioritize the user’s experience while building and extending trust.

I recently transitioned into software development to build products that align with my passion for having a tangible positive impact on society. I view coding as a superpower with unlimited potential to create any project we can imagine, and I carry this sense of awe with me to every line of code I write.

Collaborating on efforts to transform clever ideas into practical, high-impact digital solutions is not just my work, it’s fun! I look forward to supporting your project.


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November 28, 2019 | Heroku

What are Heroku Dynos?

The particular problem that I faced had to do with a concept called "dynos" in Heroku, which are the building blocks powering any Heroku app. In this post, I will explain what dynos are, the problem that affected my website, and how I fixed it.

Drag and Drop - Tetris
November 23, 2019 | Rails

Drag and Drop Tables - Rails Backend (Part II)

The challenge for this week was to find a way to maintain the new order on the backend so that every time the user refreshes the page, it looks exactly like they'd expect.

Drag and Drop
November 16, 2019 | React

Drag and Drop Tables with React-Beautiful-DND (Part I)

React-Beautiful-DnD is a React package with a goal of creating drag and drop functionality for lists that anyone can use, even people who can't see. The main design goal is physicality - they want users to feel like they are moving objects around by hand.

CSS Media Queries
November 7, 2019 | CSS

Using CSS Media Queries

In this post I will be diving into the important topic of Media Queries in CSS, providing examples of elements from my own project that needed mobile optimization and how I approached them.

Functional Testing
November 1, 2019 | React

Responsive React Components (w/ Semantic UI)

In this post I'll cover some strategies to make your React application more responsive. I had a specific component in one of my projects that needed to be bypassed in order for my website to be optimal on mobile, and I will go through the steps I took to tackle that issue.

Functional Testing
October 23, 2019 | Rails

Functional Testing in Rails

In general, functional testing is a "type of software testing whereby the system is tested against the functional requirements/specifications." These requirements are tested by feeding them sample input based on the function's specifications, determining the output based on the behavior of the program, and then comparing the actual and expected results.

HTML5 Bootstrap Template by colorlib.com
October 17, 2019 | Rails

Unit Testing in Rails

For some reason, testing seemed like an intimidating skill to learn, but I realized it is actually not too difficult once you get started. I also am starting to understand its importance to maintaining well-organized and clean code.

HTML5 Bootstrap Template by colorlib.com
October 7, 2019 | Heroku

Using Heroku Scheduler

I researched several ways of automating query jobs, both with npm packages and Ruby gems, but I finally came across Heroku Scheduler, which turned out to be much more straightforward than those other methods.

HTML5 Bootstrap Template by colorlib.com
June 12, 2019 | Productivity

The Benefits of Pair Programming

I've found myself interested in how to optimize my own efficiency and performance when working in pairs. I have also wondered whether pair programming has been proven to be more effective than individual work.

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